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$30.00 or $27.00 / month

72% Dark Chocolate

350 mg CBD • 50 mg CBN • 250 mg Valerian Root

10 servings per bar

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The concept behind the Night-Time Synergy bar is to provide effective sleep aid while waking up feeling ready to go. 

 What is CBN? Research shows CBN (Cannabinol) works as an anti-insomnia derivative from the hemp plant, much like CBD.  It is also thought to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain relief.  It can also increase appetite like THC, without the psychotropic effects. Cannabinol also seems to exert healthy synergistic effects with CBD and other cannabinoids. 

 Valerian is an herb native to Europe and parts of Asia that also grows in North America. The root has been used for medicinal purposes for many years.

Valerian root is most commonly used for insomnia, a sleep disorder experienced primarily by adults as we age. Valerian is also used orally for anxiety and stress, although additional research is being continued.


0.3% THC


350mg CBD – 50mg CBN – 250mg Valerian Root


Sleepy Time


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