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  • Barney’s Botanicals Delta 9 Gummies

    $49.99 or $44.99 / month

    Barney’s 12mg Delta 9 THC Gummies 30 Count

  • Barney’s Botanicals Delta 9 Syrup

    $41.99 or $37.79 / month

    Try Barney’s Botanical high-potency, consciously formulated beverage additives. All of Barney’s Botanicals products use hemp sourced from the USA and utilize third-party testing to ensure every product is up to the standards you deserve. Flavors: Blue Razz, Pineapple, Tropical Punch Utilizing nano-sized Delta 9 THC. In nano-sized form, Delta 9 THC becomes water-soluble. It enhances…

  • Crispy Blunts Delta 9 Edibles

    $14.99 or $13.49 / month

    Introducing Crispy Blunts – the perfect blend of creamy and crispy textures infused with 100mg D9 THC. Indulge in our Crispy Phyllo Dough sticks, carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients that meet our exceptional standards of excellence, freshness, and environmental sustainability. Enjoy the flavor of Hazelnut Chocolate Cream-filled or Strawberry Cream-filled delights. Each pack contains two…

  • Delta 9 Nano Caramel Chews

    $29.99 or $26.99 / month

    American Shaman Delta 9 Nano THC Caramel Chews
    10mg D9 + 20mg CBD per serving – 10 count jar

  • Delta 9 Nano Honey Sticks

    $23.99 or $21.59 / month

    American Shaman Delta 9 THC Honey Sticks
    10mg CBD + 10mg D9 per serving – 10 count tube

  • Float Mushroom + Delta 9 Gummies

    $25.00 or $22.50 / month

    FLOAT Mushrooms™ gummies include Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Turkey Tail Mushrooms, as well as 10mg of federally-legal, hemp-derived Delta-9 THC per piece. Powered by SENDS TM Fast-Acting Technology, FLOAT Mushrooms™ gummies feature rapid onset speeds of 10-20 minutes, much quicker than traditional edibles. Natural fruit flavor extracts ensure they’re as good going down as they…

  • Hometown Hero Delta 9 + CBD Live Rosin Gummies

    $20.00 or $18.00 / month

    You asked and Hometown Hero delivered. Get the ideal ratio of Delta-9 THC:CBD in a smaller size. These smaller edibles are perfect for enhanced relaxation and relief. Blood Orange – Super Silver Haze – Sativa: The blood orange is a cultivar from the Southern Mediterranean known for its distinct crimson flesh and bright yet nuanced…

  • Hometown Hero Delta 9 Live Rosin Caramel Taffy

    $65.00 or $58.50 / month

    Enjoy the savory goodness of our soft, chewy caramels. Each piece has 20mg of THC from hemp, plus 2.5mg live rosin. Rich, chewy caramel with zero hemp taste. Relax and enjoy sweet, buttery caramel delighting your taste buds while delivering 20mg of THC and 2.5mg of live rosin in each tantalizing piece. Epic ice cream topping?…

  • Hometown Hero Delta 9 Live Rosin Speakeasy Gummies

    $20.00 or $18.00 / month

    The taste of these gummies can be deceiving. But we’re not kiddin’ you when we say there’s no alcohol in them (just cannabinoids). And if you’ve got calories on your mind, these might be your new favorites. Apple-pie Moonshine: To tame the taste of moonshine, bootleggers would flavor their products with various fruits and spices….

  • Hometown Hero Delta 9 Live Rosin Strain Specific Gummies

    $60.00 or $54.00 / month

    Perhaps you’ve tried Hometown Hero’s Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Live Rosin Gummies. And now, you’re looking to dive a bit deeper. Well, your new favorite is here. Sativa – Blue Dream: An herbal profile with bright fruity highlights and faint orange zest speaks of the Blue Dream strain. Experience this West Coast sativa with live…

  • Hometown Hero Delta 9 Live Rosin Taffy

    $90.00 or $81.00 / month

    Salt water taffy is most definitely the quintessential candy of old-time Americana. So we went the extra mile for authenticity—specifically, a recipe from 1914 (with cannabis added). So whether you’re enjoying the colorful sweetness of Tutti Frutti, the creamy delight of Birthday Cake, or the light, fluffy raspberry notes of Cotton Candy, you’re tasting history….

  • Hometown Hero Delta 9 Peak Gummy

    $23.00 or $20.70 / month

    Mandarin – Sour Diesel – Sativa: Savor the taste of smooth, citrusy mandarins combined with 100mg Delta-9 and 20mg Sour Diesel live rosin. Let the uplifting terpenes in this sativa strain allow you to explore your limits with our highest milligram Delta-9 gummy. Since its New York debut in the early 1990s, Sour Diesel has…

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