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You asked and Hometown Hero delivered. Get the ideal ratio of Delta-9 THC:CBD in a smaller size. These smaller edibles are perfect for enhanced relaxation and relief.

Blood Orange – Super Silver Haze – Sativa: The blood orange is a cultivar from the Southern Mediterranean known for its distinct crimson flesh and bright yet nuanced citrus sweetness.
With each bite of these soft, chewy gummies, you get a mellow orange flavor with a tangy kick. And yes. Both their flavor and color are natural.
Super Silver Haze is a sativa bristling with orange hairs originating from Amsterdam. First bred in the 1980s, it went on to win the High Times Cannabis Cups of 1997, 1998, and 1999.
Saliva’s tend to be the daytime choice for many enthusiasts, and to promote Super Silver Haze’s properties, we used live rosin pressed from a hemp rendition of this strain.

Blueberry – Grand Daddy Purple – Indica: Let daily woes melt through a deep, rich berry flavor trailed by herbal notes. With hemp THC and freshly pressed indica concentrate, a peaceful night is just a few (sweet) bites away.
Native to North America, the humble blueberry is beloved for its distinct, juicy sweetness paired with a faint, underlying floral profile.
These soft, chewy confections are packed with natural berry flavor and color. A peppery aftertaste from the live rosin is present but faint.

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Blood Orange (Sativa), Blueberry (Indica)


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