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The taste of these gummies can be deceiving. But we’re not kiddin’ you when we say there’s no alcohol in them (just cannabinoids). And if you’ve got calories on your mind, these might be your new favorites.

Apple-pie Moonshine: To tame the taste of moonshine, bootleggers would flavor their products with various fruits and spices. So break free with this homage to flavored white lighting featuring smooth apple sweetness, a touch of cinnamon

Classic Mudslide: First concocted at a beach bar in Grand Cayman whose heavy cream was 86’d (but not their Irish cream), the Classic Mudslide is the epitome of decadence. So let loose and enjoy the taste of smooth cream, rich cocoa hints.

Old Fashioned: When the booze tasted ratty, and fruit was cheap, the Old Fashioned kept the 20’s roaring in speakeasies across the country. With an orange kick, deep cherry undertone, and oaky profile, these 5mg THC gummies are a fitting tribute to a classic cocktail. Cheers.

Tequila Sunrise: Booze was banned in the states…but not in Mexico. So naturally, this drink’s smooth citrus taste with faint hints of pomegranate became a favorite among American gamblers in Tijuana. And now its flavor comes to you with no alcohol but 5mg THC per gummy for pure revelry.

You don’t need to pour a glass to break the ice. That’s a given. But for many, Delta-9, or just “THC,” can help grease the wheels for conversation.*
And for an added boost, we included freshly pressed live rosin—a solventless concentrate that offers the complete profile of cannabis.

We crafted these gummies for good times, letting loose and hittin’ the town. But a bag…didn’t seem like the right way to go.
Speakeasy Gummies come in tubes that easily stow in pockets and purses. Just press the button, twist the cap, shake, and enjoy.

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Apple-Pie Moonshine, Classic Mudslide, Old Fashioned, Tequila Sunrise


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