Hometown Hero Delta 8 Max Gummies



Flavor can be seen. Dark purple covered in shimmering, crystalline chunks of sugar reveals a sweet, fragrant grape flavor with tangy candy notes. But 100mg of Delta-8? That can only be felt.

With each bite of these gummies, you get the tart yet full-bodied flavor of the Concord grape cultivar with none of the pungent aftertaste associated with edibles.
Concord grape? You may not know the name, but you do know the flavor. Think jams, jellies, and grape soda…but in a gummy with lots of Delta-8 THC.

We can’t state enough that these gummies have a lot of Delta-8 in them. If 100mg floats your boat, then have at them.
But if you’re new to this cannabinoid, you may want to consider our standard 25mg Delta-8 Gummies instead and you’re still going to want to start small.


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