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Perhaps you’ve tried Hometown Hero’s Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Live Rosin Gummies. And now, you’re looking to dive a bit deeper. Well, your new favorite is here.

Sativa – Blue Dream: An herbal profile with bright fruity highlights and faint orange zest speaks of the Blue Dream strain. Experience this West Coast sativa with live rosin paired with 25mg of Delta-9 THC from hemp.
In short, live rosin is nature meets craft. It’s a regal, golden, terpene-rich extract that can only come pressed from bubble hash made from fresh, uncured hemp.
The use of uncured hemp preserves the live terpene profile of the plant. This delivers a curious yet elegant flavor, and when paired with hemp-derived Delta-9, it may promote strain-specific qualities.

Indica – Northern Lights: This indica’s origin? A mystery. Its reputation? Legendary. With these confections, you get sweet pine with spicy hints of pepper from the Northern Lights strain.
With fresh hemp, we crafted bubble hash and then pressed out a golden sap featuring a complete terpene profile. The name of this sap? Live rosin.
Terpenes deliver flavor as well as synergy with hemp-derived Delta-9. And with this exquisite extract, we present a unique, new way to experience Northern Lights.

Hybrid – Gelato: Mellow earthiness with smooth fruity hints and a mild peppery aftertaste derive from the Gelato strain. With live rosin and 25mg of Delta-9 THC from hemp, embrace tranquility from this NorCal hybrid.
Purplish with golden hairs, this indica-skewed hybrid originates from the San Francisco Bay Area. Its taste is earthy yet mellow with fruity undertones.
Even in its hemp rendition, its primary terpene is caryophyllene. This terpene has the unusual ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors, which may help explain the strain’s “physical” effects.

Delta-9, most commonly known as just “THC,” is a beloved cannabinoid because it has brought relaxation and gentle euphoria to many (results may differ).

All cannabis extracts in these gummies come from hemp, and the Delta-9 consists of no more than 0.3% of their dry weight. In other words, they’re legal in every state.

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Blue Dream (Sativa), Gelato (Hybrid), Northern Lights (Indica)


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