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B Awake Tincture: Sometimes waking up is not on the agenda, especially if it’s in a hut overlooking the ocean! Don’t worry we have you covered with our B Awake CBD Tincture.

The cool and subtle sweetness of botanically sourced Spearmint will help you feel more alive and ready to go! Take our terpene infused B Awake Travel Tincture with you on your next journey!

Prominent Terpenes: Pulegone, Cedrene, B-Pinene

B Rested Tincture: Finally made your vacation dream come true but find it hard sleeping in a new place? especially with the sound of the ocean waves near by?

Well drift off to sleep with our relaxing dreamy grape, terpene infused B Rested CBD Tincture. This special blend is sure to become a part of your nightly routine whether you are on vacation or wishing you were! Sweet dreams!

Prominent Terpenes: Nerolidol, Borneol, and Linalool

B You Tincture: Sometimes inflammation flare ups or mild pain limit your travel plans, and you just want to feel yourself and enjoy life!

With our terpene infused B You Travel Tincture, botanically sourced Cherry and Peppermint team up to bring you icy and sweet notes that will have you feeling more like YOU in no time! We’ve blended a special set of terpenes to help manage your body ailments so you can live a healthy active lifestyle! Go further and explore more with B You!

Prominent Terpenes: Farnesene, Camphene and Humulene

YAMMY terpene blends are the foundation for terpene exploration. We use botanically sourced terpenes as the building blocks of all of our custom strain and strain specific profiles. All terpenes are sourced from high-quality plants excluding cannabis and contain zero THC.

These drops are made with Zero THC, high CBD broad spectrum CO2 extract from the YAMMY Network. YAMMY partners with farmers to produce high-quality hemp plants with sustainable farming practices. Coconut MCT Oil base for increased absorption and a smooth flavor.

Cannabinoid Contents:

Approx. 33mg of CBD per 1mL serving

Approx. 165mg CBD per 5ml (1 bottle)


5 ml (.17 fl oz)

Contains added Pulegone, Cedrene, B-Pinene from botanical sources

Zero THC Broad spectrum hemp extract

Light color

High in naturally occurring hemp terpenes

Made with coconut MCT Oil base for increased absorption

Made with USA Grown and Sourced hemp

Alcohol-free tincture formulation

Not suitable for pets – animals can be very sensitive to terpenes and may have allergies to the plants they are sourced from


MCT oil from coconuts, broad-spectrum hemp oil, Pulegone, Cedrene, B-Pinene


Place one full dropper underneath the tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds. Alternatively, drop on food or into drinks.

Must be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Suggested Starting Dosage:

16-33 mg (1/2-1 dropper) – This is the starter dose. We’ve found it’s best to start with a small base amount, and then, over time you can increase your serving size until you get your desired results.

50-66 mg (1&1/2-2 droppers) – Feel free to step it up if the if the starter dose isn’t making a difference. You can increase the amount of CBD in your routine. Stick with this for at least 14 days to see how it helps.

83-100 mg (2&1/2-3 droppers) – If after 14 days, you’re still not seeing a difference you can up your intake. Try to stick with this for 30 days to see if it nips your problems in the bud.

100+ mg (3+ droppers) – For those with severe needs, you may need more CBD to achieve your goals.

Not suitable for pets – animals can be very sensitive to terpenes and may have allergies to the plants they are sourced from.

YAMMY CBD is on a mission to bring more choices to your CBD experience! Try all the drops to find out which balance of entourage effect you prefer.

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B Awake Mint, B Rested Grape, B You Cherry Mint


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