Zen Master D8 Delta 8 Crispy Treats

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Crispy, Crunchy and full of Zen Master Delta-8! Our new D8 Crispy Treat is just the sweet D8 THC treat you’re looking for.

Strength: 20mg
Servings:  1 Count Bag and 4 Count Bag

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Zen Master D8 Delta 8 Crispy Treats

Chewy. Gooey. Zen Master Delta 8 Crispy Treats are here to soothe away all of your rough edges. There’s never been a treat as delectable as our new Zen Master Delta-8 Crispy Treat.

Indulge in the sweet flavors and head changing sensations of Zen Master Delta-8. One Crispy Treat contains 4 servings and is exactly the sweet adventure you’ve been yearning for.

Our new Zen Master Delta-8 Crispy Treats are classic with a D8 THC twist. Any craving you have, these edibles will take care of!

Lab results showcase the purity and potency.  This product won’t help you pass a drug test, but it will give you the natural psychoactive experience you’re craving!

Delta-8 can is legal in all — except 10 US States (listed below)!

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Delta 8 THC


1 Count Bag, 4 Count Bag


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