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Zen Master Delta 8 Nano Caramels


Sensing you want caramels, but not just any caramels? Oh you want nanoed Delta-8 THC Caramels! Why yes! You’ve come to the right place. Our nanoed Delta-8 THC Caramels are as head changing as they are delicious.

Strength: 20mg
Servings:  6 Count, 12 Count and 40 Count

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Zen Master Delta 8 Nano Caramels

The Zen Master has spoken with everyone that loves a wavy zen zone, and one thing that no one can turn down is a laid-back caramel laced with nano Delta 8 THC. Individually wrapped caramel experiences with a buttery flavor and smooth texture you will love.

Experience the high-amounts of nanoed Delta 8 THC packed into a bite-sized Caramel with a hint of earthy (industrial) hemp.

Indulge your sweet tooth today! Place a golden D8 caramel on your tongue and everything else seems to melt away as the warm caramel begins to melt in your mouth.

You can also melt these delectable Zen Master D8 Caramels over low heat to create a gooey caramel topping for your ice cream, pastries and desserts.

Savor the sweet caramel devoured all within a span of 7 bites, and turn up your favorite music.  The next 12 hours are dedicated to self-growth and expansion.

Lab results showcase the purity and potency of this product.

This product won’t help you pass a drug test, but it will give you the natural psychoactive experience you’re craving!




Delta 8 THC


12 Count, 40 Count, 6 Count


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