Hometown Hero ORCA Max Strength Recovery Delta 9 Roll-On




Promote rapid, targeted recovery for your joints and muscles with this non-stick THC roll-on containing a curated blend of Delta-9, Delta-8, full-spectrum CBD, and the cooling touch of menthol. Alleviate soreness and reap the rewards of swift, effective relief.

Active Ingredients:


Delta-8 – 1,000mg per roll-on

Delta-9 – 120mg per roll-on

  • Alleviates exercise-related soreness by targeting cannabinoid receptors on nerve endings through application on the skin.

Menthol – 9% of roll-on blend

  • Manages pain perception by inducing cool, tingling sensation.

Recommended Use:

Apply in small amounts to joints, muscles, or desired areas.

Do not ingest.

Best for:

Soothing Muscles

Alleviating Joint Aches


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